welcome to Zipcar for business, offering you all the advantages of a pool car, but without the hassle or expense.

And the good stuff doesn't stop there. Because Zipcar's low-cost hourly and daily rates cover tax, insurance, maintenance, parking, 40 miles of fuel a day and the Congestion Charge. So it saves you money, and with no paperwork or expense forms to complete, it's hassle-free too. Just instant access to the Zipcar fleet whenever you need it. Plus, we have 1,700 Zipcars and vans across London, so you know one is always close by.

what it’s like to be a zip-enabled business:

  • Lots of gear to carry to a client meeting or exhibition across town? Say goodbye to hailing expensive cabs and hello to using your very own Zipcar or Zipvan. It’s faster, cheaper and more convenient.
  • Out of town meeting? With 40 miles included free of charge, Zipcars are the more comfortable alternative to public transport.
  • Urgent work needing client sign-off? Hop in a Zipcar and deliver it to them by hand – we’ll take care of the Congestion Charge.
  • Company away day? Zipcars are far more cost-effective than putting everyone on a train.
  • New office equipment to pick up? Jump in a Zipvan for a couple of hours and load it up with everything you need.
  • Caught short and need an extra car? With over 1,700 Zipcars and Zipvans parked across London you 
    can instantly take your pick from the fleet.

your exclusive introductory trial offer

As if Zipcar isn’t already great enough, we have a fantastic introductory offer to give you a taste of what Zipcar could do for your business:

  • Three months free trial membership
  • 18 free driving hours – equivalent to 77 London cab rides.*

quote: 77cabrides when you sign-up.

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*Terms and Conditions: 3 months free membership includes up to 18 hours free driving (free driving based on 18 hours in VW Golf). Driving credit is worth £86.22 – must be used within first 40 days. Annual membership usually £99. After 90 day trial, pro-rated annual fee of £74.25 will be applied. All fees and rates exclude VAT


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