moving doesn't have to suck.   

As you might have heard, our Zipcars based in Metro's Kiss and Ride lots have been relocated as of May 31st. However, just because we've moved doesn't mean your Zipcar routine has to be impacted. We're taking this opportunity to bring you special summer pricing (aka seriously discounted cars) and adding lots of new locations close to our old homes -- or even in your own neighborhood! As the District's largest car sharing provider, we've got nearly 1,000 cars in over 400 locations throughout Greater D.C. So if you Want More Access To Automobiles, Zipcar has you covered. 

New locations to bring Zipcars closer to you! 

We've got dozens of new locations popping up to make sure you have wheels when you want them. Here's just a partial list of our new homes:

Metro New Location  Walk from Metro
Addison Rd  6412 Central Ave  2 minutes
Anacostia  2101 MLK Ave SE 9 minutes 
Ballston 4150 N Fairfax Dr 2 minutes
  4350 N Fairfax Dr 4 minutes
  900 N Stuart St 6 minutes
  874 N Stuart St 5 minutes
Benning Rd 4443 Benning Rd NE 1 minute 
  4618 Central Ave NE 2 minutes
  4800 East Capitol St NE 4 minutes
Braddock Road West St @ Madison St 1 minute
  1260 Braddock Place 4 minutes
Branch Ave 440 Telfair Blvd 6 minutes
Brookland-CUA 2900 N 14th St NW 1 minute
  625 Monroe St NE  3 minutes
Cheverly  6001 Arbor St 3 minutes
Clarendon  1100 N Hudson St 1 minute
College Park/UMD  4324 Knox Rd  12 minutes
Congress Heights 1541 Alabama Ave SE 8 minutes
Courthouse N Uhle & Clarendon Blvd 1 minute
Dunn Loring 2675 Prosperity Ave 5 minutes
Eisenhower Ave 2410 Eisenhower Ave 1 minute
Franconia-Springfield 6802 Junction Blvd 9 minutes 
Friendship Heights 5300 Western Ave 1 minute
Ft. Totten 5210 3rd St NE 2 minutes
Glenmont 2301 Glenallan Ave 9 minutes
Grosvenor  10306 Strathmore Hall St 5 minutes
Huntington Ave 2305 Huntington Ave 3 minutes
King Street 50 Daingerfield Rd 2 minutes
McLean 1645 Scotts Crossing Rd 5 minutes
Minnesota Ave 804 Kenilworth Ave NE 4 minutes
  4020 Minnesota Ave NE 3 minutes
  3900 Benning Rd NE 5 minutes
Morgan Blvd 8100 Gibbs Way 1 minute 
Naylor Road 3131 Branch Ave 2 minutes
  3314 Branch Ave 8 minutes 
New Carrolton 4280 Garden City Dr 1 minute
NIH/Medical Center 8742 Rockville Pike  1 minute
Prince George's Plaza 6210 Belcrest Rd 2 minute
Rhode Island Ave  2350 Washington Place NE 1 minute 
Shady Grove 15821 North Frederick Rd 8 minutes 
Silver Spring 1400 East West Highway 1 minute
Southern Avenue 2001 Mississippi Ave SE 7 minutes 
Spring Hill  5421 Broad St 5 minutes
Suitland  3415 Parkway Terrace Dr 4 minutes
Takoma Park  7044 Eastern Ave NW 3 minutes
  218 Cedar St NW 2 minutes 
Twinbrook 1708 Chapman Ave 2 minutes
  1693 Rockville Pike  6 minutes
Tysons Corner  8000 Towers Crescent Dr 10 minutes
Van Ness 4501 Connecticut Ave NW 5 minutes
  3003 Van Ness St NW 3 minutes
West Hyattsville 2781 Hamilton St 2 minutes
Wheaton 11284 Fern St 2 minutes
  10914 Georgia Ave 5 minutes
  10898 Amherst Ave 7 minutes
White Flint 11710 Old Georgetown Rd 5 minutes
Wiehle - Reston East 11389 Reston Station Blvd 6 minutes
Woodley Park - Zoo 2401 Calvert St 3 minutes

As always, you can find convenient Metro locations by searching for your go-to station name or the Metro line it’s on. We'll continue to keep you in the loop as we bring you more awesome locations.

Got a spot we should know about? 

We’re always looking for new parking spaces that will better serve the community. So if you’ve got a spot, we want to know about it-- drop us a line at If we put a car in place, you get $50 of driving credit. 




Make Your Reservation Today!

For every single hour our Ford Focus Hatchback "Falala" is reserved, Zipcar will donate $1 to the Mural Arts Program.