How To Zip
LEARN THE ROPES Meet the Zipcar Co-Pilot. He'll  teach you how to zip like a pro.
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Grocery Shopping with Zipcar
Driving in Zipcar

The Basics

Zipster using mobile app


Zipcar at gas station

Fueling Up

Man sitting in Zipcar


how it works


1. join


Apply online today. If approved, you'll be driving in no time.


2. reserve


Drive by the hour or day. Book online or on a smartphone. (We're easy.)


3. unlock


Hold your Zipcard to the windshield. The doors will unlock, and it's all yours!


4. drive


Gas and insurance and daily mileage are all included though a deductible may apply (if you get into an accident).


Chances are a Zipcar lives right in your neighborhood.
Find cars near you


Save on car payments, insurance,gas and maintenance.
View driving rates


Drive shiny new cars including hybrids, vans, and more.
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The new company car

Sign up today for $35 a year ($35 savings) and enjoy discounted rates during the week!

*Make sure to use your AARP email address when completing your application. 


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Already a Zipster? Call 1.866.4.ZIPCAR and let the agent know you'd like to be added to the AARP Employee account.