Snow & Ice? Grab an SUV. Lots of peeps? Do a passenger vehicle. Wanna ski? Snag a ski-racked Crosstrek. Keep the miles & mountain wear off your old beater by Zipping to Timber Winter. As always, gas/insurance/miles included. If you're not a Zipster yet, click to the right to join. If you're already a Seattle Zipster & want a free hour to Zip to Timber Winter, tweet @ZipcarSeattle & @TimberFest to tell us about your plans to Zip there!

*One redemption per current Zipcar member.


join zipcar now, before the festival

Join Zipcar before the festival for only $7/month (plus a one-time $25 application fee) and get $20 in FREE driving credit- perfect for a day or weekend trip to the festival! 


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