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Zipcar for business

Need a car during the week but hate the hassle of commuting? a Zipcar for Business membership gives you low weekday rates and access to cars near you. Perfect for client meetings or team lunches, while still saving you time and a lotta dough.

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Zipcar for everybody

Drive Zipcars by the hour or the day. It's like having your own car in the city - but with free gas and insurance.

Okay, it's better than having your own car.

Save EUR€12 and get a free business account setup
Sign up and get EUR€50 in FREE driving.

what's included

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Your Zipcard unlocks thousands of cars around the world, with gas and insurance included.

cars by the hour or day

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Grab a car for as little or as long as you need.

wanna save?

Piggy Bank
Whether you're a car owner or a taxi taker, with Zipcar there are savings to go around.

10800+ cars to choose

Global Cars
We've got more than 50 models and 10800 individual cars to choose from.
Remember to use your company email address when signing up.
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