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your weekend getaway has just expanded beyond a three-block radius!


We know what it's like not to have a driveway. Circling the block, again and again waiting for a space to open up. Paying for monthly parking permits just to end up parking five blocks away. Well not any more...

Get 24/7 access to Zipcars parked right near your apartment! Simply reserve online, let yourself in with your Zipcard and drive. Members have access to thousands of Zipcars in a bunch of cities. No matter where you drive, gas and insurance are always included in the low hourly and daily rates.

Join today for $7/month! After you make and drive your first reservation, forward your trip summary to and we'll give you $15 in free driving!

Please note: This is a one-time credit. Members can only get credit from one trip summary email.

Chicago Residents

Zipcar has partnered with your building to provide a special offer for residents.

Select your apartment or condo to get started for $7/month:

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