Compare Plans

not sure which plan to choose?

Just "eeny meeny miny moe" and know that you can switch plans anytime.

in a nutshell

Wien - Zipcar Classic

no application fee

Wien - zipcar monatlich

no application fee

no annual fee

Wien - zipcar plus

no application fee

no annual fee

monthly plan

the best choice for commitment-phobes

5 EUR/month

Drive as much or as little as you like and pay month to month

low driving rates

(from 7 EUR/hour and 69 EUR/day)

no annual fee


rollover plan

If Beethoven had been a Zipcar member (yeah, we know that's not possible) and he chose a plan with rollover, he wouldn't have to worry about using up all his driving credits during the month. Let's say Beethoven was a high roller and he was on the EVP $250. And at the end of the month he'd only used up $200 of his $250. No problem, the remaining $50 would be automatically rolled over to the next billing period (and even the next, if necessary).

Some plans have one month rollover and so unused driving credit can be rolled over to the end of the next billing period. Other plans have a two month rollover and yep, you guessed it, the unused driving credit can be rolled over to the end of the next two billing periods.

Included with every plan: gas, insurance, and up to 80 kilometers free per day.

Up to 80 kilometers included per day; additional kilometers from 0.20 EUR; varies by country; see details. Insurance is included; a damage fee of up to 1,000 EUR may apply if you're involved in an accident with your Zipcar; see details.

Reservation rates, fees and taxes are subject to change. You may review your total estimated reservation cost before you confirm your reservation.