parking at no cost in dc? don't mind if we do. 

You can read that again. When you drive a Zipcar in the District of Columbia, you can park at any legal curbside space – for no cost during your reservation. Just remember to bring your Zipcar back when you're done.

This only applies to Zipcars from the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, Montgomery County and Prince George’s County. (Not for vehicles from other areas.)

Here are the spots that you can legally park a Zipcar in at no cost during your reservation:

  • Curbside spaces with a parking meter
  • Curbside spaces without a parking meter
  • Curbside spaces that require a Residential Parking Permit (RPP) in all eight wards of the city

You may still park your Zipcar in these places, but it’s on you:

  • Anywhere outside the city limits of Washington, DC
  • Any parking spaces owned by a private party, such as a college, university, business or residence
  • Parking garages, lots or other parking facilities inside of the District of Columbia

Please remember to not park in these spots:

  • Rush-hour restricted spaces
  • Handicapped spaces or metered spaces set aside for handicap permits (unless you are in possession of a valid handicap permit that is prominently displayed on the Zipcar)
  • In front of a fire hydrant
  • Loading or commercial zones
  • Street cleaning restricted (No parking in the zones within the same day listed on sign)
  • No standing zone
  • Taxi/motorcycle parking
  • Bus stops
  • Emergency/designated event parking
  • Car-sharing spaces designated for other car-sharing services
  • Spaces assigned to DC or Federal government vehicles for any time during the day



*And always remember to return your Zipcar to its home location at the end of your reservation.

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