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drive cars or vans by the hour or the day.

Get more done than ever with a Zipcar membership. Now introducing Zipvans in San Francisco, we've got a variety of vehicles for all your needs.

Moving day, furniture store trips, business needs—with Zipvan, it's easy. Just reserve online, unlock with your Zipcard, and drive. Any Zipcar member (21 and over) can reserve a Zipvan. Rates start at just $15.75/hour or $109/day—gas, insurance and 180 miles included.

How the Zipvan service stacks up

 ZipvanVan Rental
One all-inclusive price, no hidden fees
Watch for hidden fees
Gas, insurance and 180 miles included
You pay extra
Conveniently located near public transportation
You need to get a ride
Self-service, just swipe and go
Long lines, hassles & paperwork

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