Take a #ziptrip off campus this Fall to claim student-only Zipster deals!
Zip to win sweet gift cards!

Adulting can be a drag, but we're making everyday tasks more fun. For just two weeks we're hooking student Zipsters up with HUNDREDS of dollars in gift cards to places like Ikea, Best Buy, Fred Meyer, and Target*- all you gotta' do is book a car and zip to do your usual errands!

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*Everyone can opt in for one free entry. Each driving hour from October 17-31 earns Zipsters an additional chance to win.



Pssst- Sign up for Zipcar's Get-It-Done Challenge to earn FREE driving credit and major prizes for zipping to complete your every day tasks.

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Have you tried Flexible Zipcar yet?

Flexible, one-way zipping is available near campus with 30 minute trips from $5 plus dedicated parking around town.