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Zipcar for developers

The effortless building amenity that saves developers hundreds of thousands of dollars


Adding Zipcars to your building can save you up to $150,000 per Zipcar! Based on recent studies, the City of Vancouver has created incentives for developers to add carshare spaces to new buildings. Each Zipcar in your building offers a parking relaxation of 5 spaces. As the global leader in carsharing, Zipcar is a brand that will add to the value of your new development. 


Every Zipcar takes up to 20 personally owned vehicles off the road contributing to a safer and greener urban landscape. As such, LEED recognizes the inclusion of Zipcar as a key part of their green building standard and will award points accordingly.


A Zipcar membership gives your residents (and you) self-service access to cars parked in your building and in a bunch of cities worldwide. You can drive MINIs, luxury vehicles, SUVs and more by the hour or day. Just reserve online, unlock with your Zipcard and drive. With Zipcar, you can bike, walk or take public transit to work, and still have wheels when you want them. Gas and insurance are always included in the low hourly and daily rates.


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