Own a car in DC? Kind of like a 2,000 lb ball and chain, huh? 


Here's how you can #DitchYourKeysDC! Zipcar, Uber, and WMATA have partnered up to bring you your newfound freedom. You’ve got Uber for happy hour, Zipcar for shopping and getting outta town, and Metro for your daily commute. 

How do you get around?

Tell us how you get around without a car and why alternative transportation methods are your preferred way to explore the District. Do you get to walk, bike, or skip more regularly now that you’ve ditched your keys? Maybe you’ve replaced the weight of that car with some weight in your wallet? We want to hear it all. 

Now that the #DitchYourKeysDC contest is over, we've carefully selected four winners who will receieve an awesome transportation prize pack valued at $500 from all of our partners! Congratulations to our #DitchYourKeysDC winners Kate Zola, Melissa AllenLogan Dobson, and Trevor Knoblich!



Story time

Here are some stories from Zipsters like you who have made the decision to ditch their keys:



“I recently sold my car... the fees I save on a garage and repair bills more than cover the cost of a Zipcar membership…I never worry my car won't start, or that my day will be disrupted by a trip to the mechanic. And as environmentally friendly as my car was ... surely a combination of public transit, walking, biking, and car share is even better.”




“Zipcar, Uber, & the Metro have become the perfect trifecta of transportation options to support my ability to get to work, go out to have fun, and to meet up with friends.”




“I have been happily car-free since I moved to the District 14 years ago and a member of Zipcar for over 6 years. In my estimation, this has saved me tens of thousands of dollars!”




“I never would have believed that I could survive without a car. But I can, and I have, and I enjoy using the money I save on other things! The money I save by ditching my keys lets me explore downtown and the DMV area, and even allows me to save up for train tickets to other parts of the U.S. Between WMATA's public transportation services, Zipcar, Uber, and Capital BikeShare, I don't miss having a car at all.”




“Ditching the keys was one of the best things I've done for my career, my health, and my wallet - I'll never own a car again!”




“Each of my fondest memories in DC somehow have me using public/shared transportation.”




“18 months ago I ditched my keys, since then I have saved $8,500 (wow) in vehicle expenses. I go zipping to see family, get groceries and see more of DC.”

not a zipster yet?

You're in luck. During the #DitchYourKeysDC campaign, you can join now for $55 and receive $30 of driving credit! Offer starts January 31st and ends February 7th.

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