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Zipcar & Dorm Room Fund have joined forces to offer discounted driving to their startups.


Dorm Room Fund affiliates sign up for only $35 and get discounted driving rates during the work week (Monday - Friday). Or, open a business account for your startup for free. 


about dorm room fund

Dorm Room Fund is a student-run venture firm that invests in student-run companies. Their team is comprised of students and their mission is to inspire and support more careers in the startup industry. Dorm Room Fund believes that a relatively small amount of capital can help student founders take their ideas from the dorm room to the market and they are laser-focused on working with the best student talent in the world. 

about zipcar

You can't always predict your day-to-day business needs. That's why Zipcar for Business offers discounted weekday-driving rates on our entire fleet – from trucks and SUVs to compact coupes and sedans. Gas, insurance and up to 180 FREE miles are included. Once you become a card-carrying Zipster, this magical card will unlock thousands of cars (and exclusive deals) in Boston around the world. 
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