get in sync with your Zipcar

Zipcar gets you where you want to go, but with Ford Sync you can also connect to your Zipcar. (Available in Fords across the United States.)

Connect a smart phone to your Zipcar via Bluetooth and use the car’s speech recognition feature to make phone calls, listen to music that is stored on your phone, and still keep your eyes on the road while driving. (Impress your friends with your Bond-like gadgets.)

Please note that Ford Sync was intended for vehicle owners, so not all features are available to Zipcar members. These features include turn-by-turn navigation, crash notification, Sync services, and the vehicle health report.

Need some help getting in sync? We've got your back; check out the instructions in the center console of our Ford Foci (yes, 'Foci' is the plural of 'Focus') and Escapes to learn how to pair your phone and some basic commands.

If you'd like more information about Sync’s voice commands, visit and look under the "staying in touch" and "entertainment" sections. For more general information about Sync (including how to pair your phone) visit Ford’s Sync Support.