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Sign up through the goodlife account, and you’ll get access to cars parked all over the city and the world. Drive for a few hours or days and pay only for the length of your reservation. Plus, gas and insurance are always included.

Zipcar gives you: 

  • 24/7 access to vehicles near you and in major cities
  • Self-service cars at many airports around the world

  • Access to Zipvans for bigger jobs or deliveries

  • Exclusive, discounted rates when you take a car overnight or use one from 7am - 7pm

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Looking to live the GoodLife in the gym and on the road? You're in the right place.


Join now for only $35 annually (normally $70) and we'll set you up with $30 in free driving credit. Plus GoodLife Members get discounted driving rates from Monday - Friday.


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