Live car-lite—or even car-free


Turn your two-car household into one (or get rid of your car altogether) with a car sharing membership. Zipcar members enjoy the freedom of having on-demand, self-service access to a vehicle, without the costs and hassles of owning one. 

Once you join, you'll get 24/7 access to Zipcars parked right nearby. Use the Zipcar app as a one-stop shop to joining, reserving, and driving all kinds of cars—anytime. Members have access to thousands of Zipcars in dozens of cities, plus airports, too. No matter where or when you drive, gas and insurance are always included in the low hourly and daily rates.

A total of six Zipcars will be available for reservation by the hour or by the day and will be at easily accessible locations throughout Huntsville in popular areas such as Huntsville City Hall, the Belk Hudson Lofts,Village of Providence and the Artisan in Twickenham Square. 


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Special Offer for Huntsville, AL Residents

The first 100 members in Huntsville sign up for only $35 (+ $25 application fee) and receive $35 in free driving*


*Offer valid for new members on the Occasional Driving Plan. Only applicable for the first 100 members to join through this page. 

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did you know?

It took 2 years to get the first 1,000 Zipcar members. Today it takes a few days. 
Every Zipcar in our fleet of thousands has its own unique name. 
You can fit 33,000 IKEA meatballs in a MINI (yes, we tried once). 
Zipcar's lineup includes more than 50 makes and models. 
Zipcar's 2002 fleet included 5 electric cars.