Intouch Solutions

join for $35 (half-off), get $35 free driving!

it's like having your own car in the city—but with free gas and insurance.
okay, it's better than having your own car.



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For Employees

Join today for only $35, and get $35 of FREE drive time!

*Driving credit expires 30 days after membership approval


Note that it can take 3-5 business days after an application is submitted for you to receive your membershp card and be ready to drive, so plan ahead. Must use your work email when applying.



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For Current Zipcar Members

Already have a Zipcar membership, but want to take advantage of the Intouch employee deal? Follow these simple steps:


1. Sign into your account, select "My Stuff" then "My Account"

2. Select "Join Another Account", then "Join With an Organization"

3. Search for "Intouch Solutions - Staff & Employee"

4. Complete the application with your personal information

5. Submit... you're now on the account!