being on campus just got a lot more exciting.   


March Madness is here - grab your friends and your brackets!

Book a Zipcar from March 1 - March 24, and enjoy discounted hourly rates (M-F) on select campuses.

Find the Elite $8/hr rate nearest you:

University Location Zipcar

American University / Wesley Theological

4500 Massachusetts Ave

Honda Fit "Prum"


3201 New Mexico Ave NW (Atlantic Parking Garage)

VW Golf "Florance"

Catholic University / Trinity University

Brookland-CUA Metro @Monroe St Market (625 Monroe Street NE) (PMI Parking)

Honda Civic "Sapito"

Honda Fit "Pagett"

Jeep Compass "Ji Lin"


9th/Monroe St NE-On Street

VW Golf "Fishingline"



Catholic University/Brookland  

VW Golf "Gumdrop"


620 Michigan Ave NE

Nissan Sentra "Atmos"

Georgetown University

McDonough Arena

VW Golf "Van Reenen"

George Washington University

Behind 2310 L St NW

Honda FIt "Proscia"

Jeep Compass "Chum"

VW Golf "Gumshoe"


2400 Virginia Ave NW (Columbia Plaza Apartments)

Honda Fit "Grudem"

Jeep Compass "Cartaya"

VW Golf "Garland"

Ford Focus "Charlene"


2450 Virginia Ave NW (Columbia Plaza Apartments-Envoy Circle Building) (PMI Parking)

Jeep Compass "Cruden"

VW Golf "Gaspard"

George Mason University

Rappahannock River Parking Deck

Honda Fit "Goedken"

Howard University

2200 8th Street NW

Jeep Compass "Chesebro"

Subaru Impreza AWD 5-door "Icarus"


6th/Bryant St NW - On Street

Honda Fit "Powder"

VW Golf "Gilliard"


Ledroit Park at 3rd & Elm NW

VW Golf "Gwyn"

Honda Civic "Caselton"

VW Golf "Getaway"

University of Maryland

University View (8204 Baltimore Ave College Park)

Nissan Sentra "Pignone"

Nissan Sentra "Ashanti"


Regents Drive Parking Garage

Ford Focus "Calvaruso"

VW Golf "Dianna"


Marie Mount Location

Mazda 2 "Merrick"


College Park/UMD Metro @ Byrd Lot (4234 Knox Rd)

Subaru Crosstrek Maryland "B1g Terrapin"


For more updates, follow us on Twitter, @ZipcarDC. 

See you out on the Road to the Final Four!



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