mcca employees receive a discounted zipcar membership

Did you know that when you join Zipcar that you will have access to over 1,000 vehicles in Boston and the surrounding area? Zipcar offers trucks, luxury cars, hybrids and everything in between. Zipcars even live at MCCA locations like Boston Common Garage and The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center!

As a special offer to employees, you can now join Zipcar for only $35 (usually $70) for your annual membership, and a waived application fee (usually $25). Members will also receive a 10-20% discount on driving rates Monday through Friday. Zipcars are available to reserve 24/7, and each trip includes gas, insurance, and 180 miles of driving.

Zipcar, the world’s leading car sharing network, is an affordable and convenient alternative to car ownership, whether you’re heading across town or escaping the city for a weekend getaway. 


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