daring just called shotgun

Have a taste for adventure? Our pal at PLANTERS, Peanut Butter Doug, does too. He's Mr. Peanut’s professional stunt double and he's challenging you to take a PLANTERS PB Daring Detour. Prove you zipped there by posting an Instagram photo with #zipcar and #NUTritionPB to score $25 in free driving. Excited? You should be.

Go to www.daringdetours.com and check into local adventures (each, a “Local Adventure”);

Go to a Local Adventure and on www.zipstagram.com:

    Take a picture of yourself at the Local Adventure

    Geotag your picture, so we can prove you're there

    Upload a photo at the Local Adventure site, and

    Caption the photo – caption must include #NUTrition and #zipcar.

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Make sure to have your driver's license and credit or debit card handy.

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We have teamed up with Planters to offer you the chance to join Zipcar and get $50 in FREE driving credit. Just click on "join now" to go through a quick application process for access to wheels when you want them!

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