It's no surprise DC was voted the #1 Coolest City in the country*.

In a city known for a fantastic list of free attractions and entertainment, here are a couple more free + fun things for DC Zipsters.

Gelato: In need of a Monday pick-me-up? Start your week off on a sweet note with Pitango Gelato's wonderfully delicious gelato. Whether you prefer Spicy Chocolate, Bourbon Vanilla, or Cafe Espresso, simply flash your Zipcard at any DC-area location on Mondays to receive a free regular-sized gelato. Brag about your sweet concoction on Twitter with @ZipcarDC & @PitangoGelato.

Fall Festivals: Fall is making a comeback and we're pretty excited to for it (and not just because of all the pumpkin-flavored foods that are coming our way). We're hitting the the streets to celebrate some of our favorite DMV communities. Catch your favorite car sharing company at these community fests coming up: 

Park(ing) Day 2015: Did you know that every Zipcar on the road takes 15 personally-owned vehicles off of it? ('cause it's true). This is one of the reasons that Park(ing) Day is so near and dear to our hearts. If more people switched to car sharing over car ownership we could have more livable space in DC (and less parking garages). What you could do with that livable space -- now that's up to you. We're transforming parking spaces into mini-parks on September 19. Check back later to find out where Zipcar's parks will be and see what we'd like to do with all that extra space. 

Be in the Know

Zone 9: If you're parking in the District, it's on us! Park in any legal, curbside spot and don't worry about paying the meters. Also, time limits don't apply to you (so if it says 2 hours, you can be there all day). Pretty sweet, eh? Make sure you're still obeying street sweeping and hanicap laws. (This awesome member perk does not apply to Maryland and Virginia).

Overnight: Have a sleepover with your favorite Zipcar Monday - Thursday for just $29+ tax. Weeknights are no longer just for binge-watching Netflix. Get out there and Zip! 

squeeze the most out of summer: All September long, reserve select DC area Zipcars for three hours and the fourth hour is on us! Plus, you can snag a two-day Zipcar reservation for just $149 (weekends included!). So stay for that last inning. Throw another hot dog on the grill. Or drift on that raft a little longer. Summer ain’t over ’til you say it is. To find the best deal, sort by price on the reservation page. Reserve now.

Roll Out

Our team is always looking for the next cool car (or SUV or truck or van) we can bring to the DMV area. Check out one of our favorite vehicles and a few pro-tips from our Fleet team (they know our cars inside and out):

  • Honda civic 'salinger' -  "I live nearby Madams Organ and love grabbing a bite at The Diner down the street from me. I have four doors and love driving on highways." 

  • Technology fiends will love this - we've got Zipcars with USB ports
    • You can find USB ports in our CRVs, Civics, Imprezas, and Crosstreks

Where in the DMV is Zipcar? (Answer: everywhere)

Our locations team has been creating partnerships like crazy this summer (all in the name of bringing cars to the places you need them most). Our newest partnership: EDENS. 

We’ve placed cars in the Mosaic District – an area that offers tons of shopping and dining options (complete with a weekly farmers market). Grab Honda Fit Pratter and Volvo S60 Rigatoni from the spaces right on-street or head in to the garage and take Honda Civic Hybrid Gemma for a spin.

You’ll find other EDENS locations pop up when searching for Zipcars. 

Wheels when your business needs 'em. 

meet adam - he’s the guy you want to talk to about getting your business rollin’ with Zipcar.

Before he scored his sweet position helping businesses get awesome deals on weekday driving and memberships, he worked on the Marketing team as a Brand Ambassador and Marketing Coordinator (helping spread the Zipcar love throughout the DMV). In his current role, he takes charge when it comes to acquiring new businesses and will help make sure accounts are running smoothly. When he’s not here at Zipcar, you can find him working with Adventure Geek Productions and Boomerang Tours. Last but certainly not least, we’re pretty proud of this guy because he serves our country in the United State Army Reserves. Thanks for being you, Adam! 

Refer a Business: some of the people you interact with on a daily basis don’t know how easy life could be with Zipcar. They're probably still lugging stuff on the Metro or submitting taxi receipts for expenses. Introduce ‘em to Zipcar and you'll get $75 driving credit once two drivers join the account. (Pro tip: phone call > text)

Contact Adam McCaffrey -

*"Washington, D.C. Tops Forbes 2014 List of America's Coolest Cities," Erin Carlyle.


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For every single hour our Ford Focus Hatchback "Falala" is reserved, Zipcar will donate $1 to the Mural Arts Program.