Drive Equality Forward

Our car sharing movement has always been about building community. We believe that should include everyone, so we proudly support LGBTQ organizations and Pride events as a way to accelerate change.

get involved

There are countless ways to be an advocate of equality for all. Here are two simple ways to act right now.

  1. Spread the word by sharing

  2. Commit to learning more at

paving our road to equality

Our support for LGBTQ rights dates back to the early days of Zipcar. An organic movement by some of our first employees sparked a company-wide priority to help open doors for everyone.

why the transgender community is all of us

We asked Zipcar employees to open up about their views on gender identity and came away with an overwhelmingly love-affirming message.

Driving Equality Forward: A Note from Our President for Pride

The woman in the driver’s seat shares our dedication to supporting the transgender community and why we support equality for all.


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