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Donate to Goodwill using Zipcar for entry to win driving credit!

How does it work?

Zipcar members who donate to Goodwil on your next errand run are entered to win a free day (24 hours) of Zipping!  It’s simple- just choose any Zipcar to fit your haul, fill ‘er up with your small, medium or large donations and zip over to any Goodwill donation site in the region (mobile sites as well!). Don't forget to save your donation receipt and submit it each time you donate to get an entry to win free driving credit. 

Which Goodwill can I go to?

As long as it has "Seattle" in the address, you're good! Here are some suggested locations in the city:

Got an urge to shop?

We've got cars & vans at the Ballard and Dearborn locations so you can load up and get your goods home!

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