choose the right wheels for the trip

At Zipcar, we've always been about helping you win at city living with services & promotions that compliment your walk/bus/bike/zip ways. To keep the wheels turning we've partnered with Pronto Cycle Share, Seattle's savviest new way to role, with an exclusive Zipcar membership discount plus great prizes for new signups. 

pronto for this...

  • rush hour traffic bad? busses stuck too? hello Pronto!
  • heading into a core neighborhood with no parking? hello Pronto!
  • not everyone in your gang on their bike for the trip? hello Pronto!
  • quick diagonal trip between hoods? hello Pronto!

Zipcar for that...

  • monthly big grocery run? hello Zipcar!
  • weekend city escape with friends? hello Zipcar!
  • quick airport run for friends/fam? hello Zipcar!
  • family's main car busy? hello Zipcar!


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First year membership only $10, a $60 savings!


(*$25 application fee not included)

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Raffle Prizes for New Signups


*Winner selected at random, notified via email after prize period closes

**Must join Pronto or Zipcar during period to qualify for associated prize