Giving back and supporting local art in Providence

every hour you drive Golf "Feronia", we'll donate $1


art that gives back  

We partnered up with The Avenue Concept to create a one of a kind Zipcar for our Providence Zipsters. June 11th - July 3rd, we'll donate $1 every hour that you reserve Volkswagen Golf "Feronia" to the City's Department of Art, Culture, + Tourism to support local artists working to make Providence a vibrant and exciting place to live and work.

about the artists - The Avenue concept 

The Avenue Concept is a public art program that integrates distinct elements of urban arts with opportunities for skill building, professional development, artistic training, and creative self-expression for artists of all ages. Learn more about The Avenue Concept and their art.

get to know Feronia

Where to Find Golf "Feronia"

"Feronia" will be parked at different on-street locations through out Providence.


  • June 11th - June 18th
    • Park Row and Canal Street
  • June 19th - June 25th
    • 68 Eddy Street
  • June 26th - July 3rd
    • 222 South Main Street

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