drive zipcars by the hour or day

Hop aboard! REI has partnered with Zipcar to offer employees (and their spouse or partner) two sweet deals to help reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

Click here to find out if there is a Zipcar location near you.

On the Clock Plan (Weekday Access - for new Zipcar members only):

  • Your membership is free (a $70 savings)
  • Enjoy access to most Zipcars Monday - Friday* 
  • Only pay for the driving you do

Off the Clock Plan (7 day Access - for new and current Zipcar members):

  • Low annual fee of only $35 (a $35 annual savings)
  • No application fee (a $25 savings)
  • Discounted driving rates Monday - Friday* at a REI discounted rate (Check them out here)
  • Access to all vehicles, 24/7

To join, click the "join now" link under the plan you wish to select.

When setting up your account, for security reasons, do not use your REI account password.

Once a member, just:

  • Reserve online
  • Scan in with your Zipcard
  • Drive

With both plans, you pay one, all-inclusive hourly or daily rate. That means gas, insurance and 180 miles per day are included in your reservation. Whether you're in your own neighborhood or traveling, you'll have wheels when you want them.

*excludes specialty vehicles

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The new company car

Sign up today to save on your weekday driving.

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Already a Zipcar member?

Call 1.866.4ZIPCAR and let the agent know you'd like to be added to the your company's account.