reserve a Zipcar: faq

Is my login info the same on the Facebook app as on
Yup. Use the same Zipcar login username and password on the Reserve a Zipcar Facebook app as you do on or the mobile apps.

• How does Zipcar’s Facebook app work?
The Zipcar Facebook app works like the Zipcar mobile apps. You can make a Zipcar reservation, extend or cancel existing reservations, or check out upcoming ones – all without leaving Facebook.

• What’s the difference between the Facebook app and Zipcar’s other apps?
The main difference is that when using the Facebook app, although you can’t honk or lock/unlock your Zipcar, you can share upcoming reservations with your Facebook friends.

• Can I use the Zipcar Facebook app on Facebook’s mobile site?
Nope. When you’re on the go, be sure to use our mobile site or check out our iPhone and Android apps at

• What info gets posted to my wall if I share my reservation?
The post will only include your Zipcar’s name. Wanna include additional info? Be sure to type it in when creating the post. (You can also limit who sees your post by clicking the "preferences" button on Facebook before clicking "share.")

• Will reservations I make on Facebook show up on other places?
Yup. All reservations you make using the Facebook app will show up’s “my reservations” and under “reservations” on the “my Zipcar” part of the mobile apps.

• Will any of my personal or reservation information be shared with Facebook?
Not to worry, this app doesn’t store any member information. It’s simply an interface for our website that uses your Zipcar log-in.