Ultimate Sandblast Chicago

just for you, sandblasters, a glossary of ultimate terms


[boo k-ends] n; interjection!
Occasion when a player demonstrates offensive and defensive prowess in succession; probably should take him/her off the field after this because the inflated head will undoubtedly get in the way on the next point; in a sentence: “BOOKENDS!”


[kal-uh-han] n; interjection!
Sick point-scoring play named after Uncle Henry Callahan, who was known for shutting down offenses in their own end zones; don’t drop your only attempt at a Callahan; in a sentence: “I hate throwing a Callahan more than I love scoring a Callahan.”


[greyt-est] v; interjection!
Much like the movie Gigli,or the ever-elusive triple entendre, someone claiming it happened doesn’t make it real; your feet were clearly out before you even jumped; in a sentence: “Next time I’m going greatest it.”


[ham-er] n; interjection!; v. to hammer (see also: turnover)
A low-percentage throw misused by “handlers” everywhere; in a sentence: “The crowd wants a hammer.”


[huhk] n; interjection!
A throw that requires lots of wrist action and downfield space; if you're not a tall man or fast woman, you probably aren’t going to catch it without the assistance of a pick or a foul; in a sentence: “Huck or you’re nothing.”


[pik] n; interjection!
Call made by old men who can’t keep up on defense; in a sentence: “I stopped running because I thought someone shouted ‘PICK’, but apparently no one did.”


[uhl-tuh-mit] n; interjection!
Not disc golf; not Ultimate Frisbee; just Ultimate; in a sentence: “Ultimate is the greatest sport ever invented.”


[zip-kahr] n
A smart way for carless players to get to pick-up, league games or tournaments; great for carpooling; great for captains and commissioners to carry lots of equipment; in a sentence: “Four of us shared a Zipcar to get to the fields tonight, so no one has to ride a bike 15 miles after playing Ultimate, and no one has to hop on 2 different busses and a train just to get home in an hour.”


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