Active Rewards

1 Point - Zipcar tote bag
10 Points - Zipcar t-shirt
25 Points - $25 driving credit

Play Zipcar on SCVNGR
Unlock Zipcar Rewards!

SCVNGR is a game.

Playing is simple: Go places. Do challenges.
Earn points and unlock rewards!

We have built special Zipcar challenges on SCVNGR at Zipcar locations all over Boston. Do the challenges to earn points, unlock the Zipcar badge, and get great rewards from Zipcar.

Start playing SCVNGR now!

  1. Download the SCVNGR app for iPhone & Android
  2. Go to your favorite Zipcar location and do the fun, quick challenges there
  3. Earn points and unlock Zipcar rewards!


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How do I play?

Download the SCVNGR app for iPhone & Android. Go to any Zipcar location in the greater Boston area and find it in the "places" tab. Do challenges there to earn points and unlock Zipcar rewards.

Where is the SCVNGR app?

Search "SCVNGR" in the App Store or Android Market. Android devices must have OS 2.1 or higher.

I can't find the Zipcar location in the "places" tab.

Search for "Zipcar" in the places tab. All locations will be labeled with Zipcar.

How do I select a reward to work on?

Go to the "info" tab at the Zipcar pick-up spot. Tap the the icon next to the reward to make it "active."

How many rewards can I work on at once?

Just one. You can unlock them all, just one at a time.

I unlocked a reward! How do I get it?

  1. Bring your phone to the Zipcar Boston HQ (18 Tremont Street).
  2. In the SCVNGR app, tap the "profile" tab, then "rewards" and select the reward you want to redeem.
  3. On the next screen, hit the info tab and select the reward to redeem.
  4. Tap "grab your reward" and show the "reward granted" screen to the Zipcar staff.

What if I hit "grab your reward" when I'm not at the Zipcar HQ?

You won't be able to redeem that reward again, so be sure you're with the Zipcar staff at the Boston HQ when you do!

I don't have an iPhone or Android. Can I still play?

Unfortunately, no. We'll be expanding to other platforms soon.

Where are the rules and regulations?

See the rules and regulations here.


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