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zipcar seattle is expanding & wants your feedback!

accepting ideas & feedback 2.1 - 4.30

More zip is coming to Seattle!

To serve Zipsters and Seattleites alike better, we're expanding with TONS of new parking in private parking spaces. We're also working with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to expand Zipcar's 'on-street' locations.  A majority of our expansion will be private with these on-street spaces being a small complement to the overal sum. Zipcar will pay annual city permit fees for these spaces.

On-street Zipcars offer several key benefits to users and the neighborhood:

  • Fast, convenient access
  • Attractive nieghborhood asset for businesses/residents
  • Dedicated, reliable & part of the 'hood
  • Compliments bus/bike/walk lifestyle
  • Reduces parking congestion by eliminating total cars owned
  • Neighborhood sustainability bragging rights!


Can I help decide where Zipcars go? 

You betcha'! Current Zipsters and non-member residents plus businesses can share parking ideas using the survey below. Want Zipcars parked in front of your residence/business? Let us know!

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Letter of Support

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Questions or ideas?

We're accepting parking ideas 2.1 - 3.31


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