Wall obstacle at Spartan

own the race, not the car

You tackle every obstacle in your path, but even Spartan Racers need a lift on occasion. That's why we're offering a discounted Zipcar membership to take you to Barre, MA...and any other place you want to climb, run or generally get dirty. And to help you own the race weekend, you can join, book and reserve Zipcar VIP parking right here!


Wheels for all your adventures

Sign up for an annual individual membership to receive the special Spartan membership deal. No application fee & $25 in driving credit.



Race ready, be trip ready

Be just as prepared for the trip to Barre. Reserve a sweet ride now. Variety of models to choose from. Gas & insurance included. (And we know Spartans can use all the insurance they can get!)



VIP parking for Zipsters

Save your legs for the race, take a Zipcar to Barre, and claim one of the best parking spots in the house.(limited number of spaces)


VIP Parking