Two-day reservations just $99 from 12/1-12/21.

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Did you know that as a Zipcar member, you can reserve cars at 25 different airports worldwide (and counting)? Go from the aisle seat to the driver’s seat without slowing down. Gas, insurance and 180 miles/day are always included. Join today or find a car now at

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frequently asked questions

What is the airports promotion?

  • The promotion is a discounted rate on 2-day (i.e., 48 hour) reservations made on most airport Zipcars. When you reserve some Zipcars at one of our airport locations for 2-days, you will be charged a flat rate of $99.

When does the promotion take place?

  • The promotion starts on Sunday, December 1, 2013 and runs through Saturday, December 21, 2013.
  • The $99 rate applies to any 48 hour period between 12/1 – 12/21; there are no price differences for reservations on the weekend versus the weekday.

Who is eligible to participate in this promotion?

  • All Zipsters over 21 years old are able to take advantage of the $99 airport promotion. There are no restrictions based on geography or rate plan.
  • Members between 18-20 years old are, unfortunately, not able to reserve airport Zipcars at this time.
  • Extra Value Plan (EVP) members will receive their normal discount in addition to the $99 promotional rate.

Is the promotion valid on all airports?

  • The promotion is valid in all North American airports with Zipcars, except Newark Liberty International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and LaGuardia Airport.
  • The promotion does not include European airports (e.g., London City Airport and London Heathrow Airport) that house Zipcars.
  • To get an up-to-date list of all airports with Zipcars, please visit

Does the $99 rate apply to all airport Zipcars?

  • The $99 promotion is valid on most airport Zipcars. Qualifying models include: Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra, Mazda 3, Toyota Prius, and Volkswagen Golf.
  • The discounted rate is not valid on SUVs and fancier Zipcars (like Ford Escapes).

How do I book a vehicle at the promotional rate? Is there a coupon code needed?

  • If you are making a 2-day reservation at a valid North American airport with a start date of 12/1 – 12/21, simply book a car through your normal process. The discounted price will appear in your reservation confirmation.
  • You do not need a coupon code to snag this promotion.

I booked a 2-day airport reservation between 12/1 – 12/21, but the final bill was greater than $99. Why did this happen?

  • The $99 does not include the standard taxes and fees associated with all Zipcar reservations.
  • Additionally, select airports mandate an additional surcharge for vehicles reserved on-premises.

I am trying to make a 4-day airport reservation; does the discounted rate still apply?

  • If you make a 4-day reservation, you will receive the $99 airport promotion. The price of the 4-day reservation will be $198 (or $99 x 2)