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Zip from MAX AND WES stations in & around PDX

From the rails to the road! Zipcar has partnered up with TriMet to make your trip a little easier.

Gateway, Orenco Station, Beaverton, Clackamas, Quatama,

122/Burnside (Menlo), Willow creek, gateway, parkrose sumner

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red line

• Alewife T • Mattapan T
• Andrew Station T • North Quincy T
• JFK/UMass T • Wollaston  T
• Savin Hill T • Quincy Adams T
• Shawmut T  

orange line

• Oak Grove T

• Sullivan Square T

• Malden Center T

• Stony Brook T

• Wellington T

• Forest Hills T

green line

• Lechmere T • Waban T
• Woodland T • Riverside T

blue line

• Wonderland T • Beachmont T
• Orient Heights T • Logan Airport