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find freedom with cars on
campus by the hour or day.

(gas and insurance included!)

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Avancar University

What is Zipcar?

Glad you asked. It's a smarter way to get around the campus.

Zipcar Ford Focus
  • Drive cars by the hour or day. Gas & insurance included.
  • In neighborhoods, cities and airports across the globe.
  • Save hundreds over car ownership.
  • Choose from sedans, hybrids, vans and more.
  • Take select flexible vehicles one-way or round trip.

how it works

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Apply online. Once approved, we'll send you a Zipcard to access vehicles worldwide.

Reserve icon


Book a Zipcar for as little as 1 hour or as long as 7 days.

Tap icon


Hold your Zipcard to the car's windshield to unlock. Voila! It's all yours.

Drive icon


Hit the road. When you're done, park the car in its reserved spot and use your Zipcard or the app to lock up.


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find Zipcars nearby

Find us located right on and near campus, cities and airports across the globe.

What It Costs

what’s your affiliation with Avancar University?

All students 18+ are welcomed, including drivers with international licenses.

what's included

Map icon


Travel far and wide,
for road trips, away games,
visits home, and more.

Gasoline icon


Fill up using the
gas card that's inside the car.
We'll get the bill.

Umbrella icon


If you're a Zipcar member,
you're covered. (So you can drive safe
and rest easy.)

where can i go

There's a lot to do around Avancar University. Here are just a few ideas.

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