drive cars by the hour or day

drive Zipcars by the hour or the day.


As a leading renewable-energy company, Vestas aims to be as environmentally conscious as possible in all aspects of the business.

In an effort to reduce our environmental impacts and create an additional transportation option, Vestas has enlisted the services of Zipcar for all Portland employees.

Vestas employees will receive a special discounted $25 annual membership fee. The annual fee will be charged to your primary card (which should be your personal credit card). Your annual membership fee is no longer reimbursable through Vestas.

Vestas will also reimburse Zipcar trips made for work. Please put your business purpose in the "Billing Memo" field when making a Zipcar reservation.

You can view and print your Zipcar bill after you've become a member, by looking under "my stuff" menu, and selecting "my bill" menu option.

All accounts should be set up with your personal credit card as your "primary card" and you may also enter your business P-card as your "secondary card" for business related trips. You will process the eligible trips through the standard reporting process.

Please contact Office Services or your manager if you have any questions.

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