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The Basics


Fueling Up


how it works

1. join


Apply online today. If approved, you'll be driving in no time.

2. reserve


Drive by the hour or day. Book online or on a smartphone. (We're easy.)

3. unlock


Hold your Zipcard to the windshield. The doors will unlock, and it's all yours!

4. drive


Gas and insurance and daily mileage are all included though a deductible may apply (if you get into an accident).


Chances are a Zipcar lives right in your neighborhood.
Find cars near you


Save on car payments, insurance,gas and maintenance.
View driving rates


Drive shiny new cars including hybrids, vans, and more.
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Terms & Conditions

Unless otherwise stated, coupons are valid for 30 days from membership application and expire automatically.Unless specified, all Promotion Coupon Credits are offered as prospective driving credits. One promotion per application. May not be combined with other coupons or promotions. Applications including a Promotion Code or Coupon cannot generate Referral Credits.Promotional Credits can be applied at any point in the application process up to execution of the Member Contract. Promotional Credits cannot be applied or become effective prior to the execution of the Member Contract date. Promotional Credits are not transferable.All driving credits are in local funds associated with the member's primary driving city, and cannot be applied to reservations taken in any cities operating under a different currency. Promotional Credits cannot be applied to Organizational account applications or Organization members' personal accounts or Sponsored account applications. If a coupon is redeemed within 30-day money back guarantee and membership is cancelled within 30 days, the coupon becomes void and all driving will be charged to the member.Offers and Promotions subject to change at any time.

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