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Your contribution to WTTW means a lot to us at Zipcar Chicago. As fellow Chicagoans, we understand the value of intelligent and engaging programs like those on WTTW.

To show our appreciation, we would like to offer WTTW members a discount for Zipcar membership. Join Zipcar this year for $50, and you will receive $50 in driving credit to get you going. This represents a savings of more than 40% off of our regular membership plan, plus the driving credit is a nice little bonus. For each subsequent year that you renew your WTTW membership, you can also enjoy the same membership rate from Zipcar (driving credit only applies to your first year of Zipcar membership).

Our members use Zipcars to catch a show, volunteer their time with a local charity or just take a weekend trip somewhere off the grid. There are over 500 Zipcars in the Chicago metro area, and all of them include gas, insurance and 180 miles. Time to start zipping!

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