snag 50% off your election day reservation

Check out the below FAQs to answer any and all questions you may have about our Zip to the Polls deal.


1. What exactly is the promotion?

?Any Zipcar member who makes an hourly reservation in any U.S. Zipcar city that occurs on November 6, 2012 between 5am and 9pm (local time) will receive a 50% discounted rate on any vehicle. This offer does not apply to daily (8+ hour) reservations.

2. How do I book at the promotional rate? Is there a coupon code?

?Simply make an hourly reservation that occurs on November 6 anytime within 5am-9pm (local time) and the discounted price will appear in your reservation confirmation. No coupon code needed.

3. My reservation starts before the promotion begins, but does occur during the promotional time period -- will I still get the discounted rate?

?If your reservation begins before or goes beyond 5am-9pm local time, the regular hourly reservation price will apply to those outside hours. This offer does not apply to daily (8+ hour) reservations.

4. Do I have to show proof that I voted to get this promotion?

?Nope, there is no requirement to vote. Feel free to share your voting experience by posting pictures on Zipstagram.

5. Is Zipcar endorsing a particular candidate?

?We are not endorsing a candidate, just encouraging everyone to get involved on Election Day. We're making it easier to get to the polls so you've got no excuse not to vote.

6. I'm not eligible to register to vote or to vote at all. Can I still reserve a car at the promotional rate?

?Yes. The promotional rate applies to any Zipster who has a reservation in the United States that occurs on November 6, 2012 between 5am and 9pm (local time). There is no requirement to vote.

7. Zipcar mentioned registering to vote. How do I register to vote?

?Since there is no requirement to vote during this promotion, Zipcar does not insist that all members must register to vote. However, we have partnered with Rock the Vote to make it possible to register via our Facebook page.

8. When is the voter registration deadline in my state?

?Select your state from Rock the Vote's Election Center dropdown menu to view your registration deadline.

9. I am currently outside of the U.S. – will I get discounted rates on November 6?

?The Election Day promotion discount is only available to Zipcar members making reservations within the U.S. Promotional rates do not apply in Canada and the UK.