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We’re the world’s largest car sharing network serving 500+ schools.

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We operate the most campus bike share programs in North America.

redefine campus mobility


Powered by Zagster, and backed by Zipcar, Zipbike is the first national, sponsored mobility solution designed for universities.

Zipbike bundles Zagster's proven bike-share platform with Zipcar's popular university car-sharing service to offer a single, simple solution to enhance a university's transportation network while reducing cost.

Zipbike helps campuses address transportation needs while reducing overall transit costs for both universities and students. By pairing shared bikes with shared cars, Zipbike offers a seamless way for students and staff to travel on and off campus.

bikes + cars = freedom

Relieve congestion & transit strain

Bike shares and car shares minimize personal vehicle use and ease demand on overburdened transit systems. Fewer cars reduces campus gridlock and improves air quality.

Save students money & hassles

Students who don’t bring cars to campus save around $20,000 over four-year enrollments, according to Forbes. Students who don’t own cars don’t face the burden of permits and parking tickets.

Reduce Parking Demand

Building a single new parking space in a structured garage costs on average $20,000 -$40,000 for a university. Fewer cars on campus frees up space and decreases parking-related woes.

Decrease theft & abandonment

College students have a 53 percent chance of losing bikes to theft. Bike sharing reduces theft and the need to manage abandoned bikes.

what's included with Zipbike?

Simply put, everything.

Zipbike bundles bike sharing powered by Zagster and Zipcar car sharing into one low-cost, low-risk offering. The result is a full-service system that provides everything involved in planning, launching, and operating a complete campus bike and car share program.

A complete campus bike share
A complete campus bike share
Zipcars on or nearby campus
Zipcars on or nearby campus
App-based sign up and reservations
App-based sign up and reservations
Professional transportation planning to help build your program
Professional transportation planning to help build your program
Maintenance and support to keep bikes and cars rolling 24/7
Maintenance and support to keep your fleet rolling 24/7
A comprehensive promotional program
A comprehensive promotional program

proven solutions for college campuses

Zipcar and Zagster are the leaders in shared-use mobility on college campuses. Zipcar works with more than 500 universities across North America; Zagster operates more campus bike shares than all other bike-share providers combined.

With Zipbike, universities can bring the best of shared mobility directly to students.

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