Enjoy 1 free hour of driving on us for every rescue you do!

become a hero by joining the 412 food rescue team at pitt 


Join Zipcar for only $15/year plus receive 1 hour of driving credit for each rescue you do! 

Follow these easy steps and sign up for your first rescue in no time:

  1. Click on the join link (see it, on the right side of the page?)
  2. Fill out the member application (have your credit card and license handy)
  3. Sign up for your first rescue!
  4. 412 Food Rescue will provide you with a coupon code for 1 free hour of driving credit to use for your rescue reservation (it's that easy!)




get your wheels!

Sign up today for only $15/year and start volunteering today.  (thats 365 days for food rescues)

After each rescue that you sign up for 412 Food Rescue will send you 1 free hour of Zipcar driving credit for your rescue!


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What is 412 Food Rescue?

412 Food Rescue aims to fight hunger by collecting fresh, healthy food that would otherwise be discarded and directly distributing to community organizations that serve those in need.

412 Food Rescue is a rapid response organization that utilizes technology to aggregate and match food donors and beneficiaries and mobilizes a community of volunteers to efficiently transport food between locations.
Food Rescue’s mission is to directly impact our community’s health and sustainability.
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