LA Honda Fit EV

So you want to drive our EVs!  That’s great to hear. 

Before you can get rolling without gas, we’d like you to take a few moments to acquaint yourself with the next generation of urban mobility. Please read through this orientation and watch the video we have made. 


Please watch the following video to get to know our EV’s better:

EV Orientation

How far can you drive?

The Honda Fit Electric Car (EV) is 100% electric with no gas tank or gas engine and has a maximum possible range of 60 miles. You may have noticed that the range mentioned in the video was longer; that's under extremely ideal conditions. Under normal driving conditions and a full charge, you can expect 45-55 miles while driving in the Econ Mode Setting (which has a green leaf on it).

Some things that will cause reduced range are blasting the heat or air conditioning or driving like a maniac, especially in Sport mode. Going on trips to really cold or hilly places will also impact the distance you can drive.

Once you turn on your Fit Electric, look for the RANGE section on the dashboard (right below the speedometer.)

If the range is less than your estimated round trip distance, please call immediately to be moved into a nearby Zipcar.

At the end of your reservation, it will be your responsibility to reconnect the car to the charging station so that the next member can have the same chance to cruise as you did.

To charge the car
1.) Find and press the charging hatch release button under and to the left of the steering wheel.

2.) Open up the door and click the release tab to pop the inner flap.

3.) The charging card is located in the gas card slot on the visor. Find the card and scan it on the station.

4.) The station will ask for a PIN, which is on the charging card.

5.) Plug the car in! Make sure the Green Light comes on and stays solid.

Then scan out of the Zipcar like usual. And like always, if you're having any problems, just call us at 866 4 ZIPCAR (866 494 7227) to get help.


Our LA Zipcar Honda Fit EVs live at 6464 and 6565 Sunset Boulevard, in buildings managed by Paramount Contractors & Developers, Inc