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beerline b residents join zipcar to get wheels when you want them!

Zipcar provides the convenience of using a car without the hassles of owning one. You simply apply to become a member and once you are approved you can make a reservation online or on our mobile app, unlock the car using your personal zipcard, and enjoy the ride.  

Best part? You only have to be 18+* to apply and gas and insurance is always included. Oh! We also accept international drivers licenses.

Zipcars are parked near the Beerline B apartments for your use plus great membership discounts you can take advantage of!

*18+ is for university students. 21+ for everyone else.

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did you know?

It took 2 years to get the first 1,000 Zipcar members. Today it takes a few days. 
Every Zipcar in our fleet of thousands has its own unique name. 
You can fit 33,000 IKEA meatballs in a MINI (yes, we tried once). 
Zipcar's lineup includes more than 50 makes and models. 
Zipcar's 2002 fleet included 5 electric cars.