Development & Recognition

At Zipcar, we strive to make the employment experience constantly challenging and consistently awesome. It’s amazing what smart people can do when they put their heads together. And the rewards are yours for the taking. Plenty of props, opportunities, and bragging rights. Plus, we want you in the driver’s seat. After all, it’s your career.

rafi ninegold

Rafi Finegold

director of global product & experience
cambridge, mass.

past experience

2007: product & experience intern
2007: product manager
2010: senior product manager


2010 zipster of the year

Working at Zipcar really isn’t just a job and a salary. It’s an opportunity to shape an industry, to build a concept, to change urban living and our world, and to do it with people I like.


erin rojas

Erin Rojas

senior human resources generalist
cambridge, mass.

past experience

2008: human resources coordinator
2009: human resources generalist

During my time at Zipcar, I’ve grown and developed professionally by taking on new challenges, gaining expertise in different areas of HR and working with employees in various countries worldwide. It’s been such a tremendous experience.


austin marshburn

Austin Marshburn

senior manager, university marketing
cambridge, mass.

past experience

2008: marketing manager, san francisco market


2010 "deliver results" core value winner

Over my 4+ years at Zipcar, I’ve had myriad opportunities to grow professionally. Where else could a marketer be expected to make media buying decisions one day and plan a member party the next?


katy hinks

Katy Hinks

fleet operations manager, uk market

past experience

2010: procurement & remarketing associate
2011: procurement & remarketing supervisor

During my time at Zipcar I’ve gone from managing my own time to managing a team of 60 people and a fleet of more than 1,500 cars. I’ve worked closely with an amazingly diverse mix of people in an exciting and dynamic workplace. Sometimes I can hardly believe how much I’ve learned over my two years here—it’s been amazing.


scott marszalek

Scott Marszalek

manager of fleet operations, los angeles market
los angeles

past experience

2009: brand ambassador
2009: fleet coordinator
2011: manager of fleet operations, boston market

Within three years, Zipcar advanced my position three times, took me from coast to coast, and gave me two new families in Boston and LA.


fumbi banjoko

Fumbi Banjoko

sales supervisor, uk market

past experience

2011: sales associate


employee of the month, april 2011
employee of the month, september 2011

As soon as I interviewed at Zipcar, I knew it was the place for me. The atmosphere seemed fun and exciting and the people were friendly and down to earth. I have never felt more at home than I do at Zipcar.


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