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Your own Zipcar, Monday to Friday. One affordable monthly fee, plus the miles you drive. Parking spot, gas, and insurance all included in membership.
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How Zipcar for Commuters works


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Contact us to get started. Our concierge team helps to select your Commuter car, location, and start date.



Drive your car whenever you want Monday through Friday—no reservations needed. Park in your Zipcar spot at the end of each day.

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Return the car every Friday by 7pm—it will be waiting for you on Monday beginning at 5am.

How do I get my Commuter vehicle?

Contact us and our dedicated concierge team will be in touch via email within 2 business days to confirm your vehicle, location and start date. The Zipcar will be yours from 5am on Monday all the way through to Friday at 7pm every week. All you have to do is show up, scan in with your Zipcard, and start driving. Just be sure to return the car every Friday at 7pm! Learn more.

How much does Zipcar for Commuters cost?

Zipcar for Commuters costs a monthly fee, plus $.45 per mile driven ($.30 per km in Canada). Gas, insurance, maintenance, and a dedicated parking spot are all included in membership. Price it out.

How soon can I drive my Commuter car?

First, you’ll need to contact us to sign up. Once approved, you will receive your Zipcard by mail in 3-7 days. Once you activate your Zipcard and we’ve assigned you a Commuter vehicle and a start date, you’re all set to drive.

Are there Commuter cars near me?

Zipcar for Commuters is currently available in Baltimore, Boston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington, D.C. Type your address in the search bar below to find Commuter cars in your neighborhood.

Do I have to return the car each night?

On weekdays, you do not have to return the car to its dedicated Zipcar parking spot each night, but you have the option to use that spot if it’s more convenient for you. On Fridays, you must return the car to its Zipcar parking spot by 7pm.

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Find a Commuter car in Boston

Take control of your commute with unlimited access to a weekday Zipcar. Use the map to find Commuter cars near you. Change location.

What kind of Commuter car will I receive?

We will pick a dedicated Zipcar vehicle convenient for your location based on your rate plan – Standard or Plus. For Standard members, an approved vehicle may include the following: Honda Civic, Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Corolla, or similar. For Plus members, an approved vehicle may include the following: Honda CR-V, Jeep Renegade, Ford Escape, Subaru Crosstrek, or similar.

Will I keep the same Commuter vehicle every week?

You will have a vehicle provided to you every week; however, on occasion, the vehicle itself may change for cleaning or maintenance.

Do I have to return the car each night?

You do not have to return the car to the dedicated parking spot each night, but you have the option if it’s more convenient for you.

Where can I park my vehicle?

During your Monday (5am) through Friday (7pm) reservation, you may park in your Zipcar’s dedicated parking spot or any legal parking space. Just be sure to return the car to the dedicated spot by Friday at 7pm.

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The Zipcar for Commuters membership gives you unlimited access to a Zipcar near you, Monday through Friday.

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Dedicated weekday car

From Monday at 5am to Friday at 7pm, get your very own Zipcar.

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Your own parking spot

Your Zipcar comes with its very own parking spot, so no more circling the block.

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Free gas and insurance

Your mileage rate includes the cost of gas and insurance.

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Zipcar membership access

Book Zipcars on weekends by the hour or day whenever you need them.

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