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5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Become an environmentally conscious business by taking active steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Reducing your business’ carbon footprint is an easy and rewarding exercise that grants numerous benefits. Not only will you save money on bills and reduce your monthly costs; you will reap the reward of being an environmentally conscious operator in a business world increasingly devoted to ethical and sustainable practice. Here are just a few ideas to kickstart your sustainability drive: 



Cutting down on waste

paper waste

Cutting down on waste

Single-use plastics are a global pariah. But the single-use problem extends far beyond just plastics. In offices, paper waste remains a huge issue. Just one sheet of paper takes an average 10 litres of water to produce. In addition, chlorine-based bleaches are used in paper’s production, and sheets emit methane when they breakdown. Paper remains the third largest polluter of air, water, and soil. But luckily, you can reduce paper waste with just a few small adjustments. Opt to receive your post online, switch your bills to paperless, send your invoices over email, and utilise cloud technology to reduce your printing output.

When you do print, be sure to use both sides of the sheet, and reserve old printed paper for notetaking. And, of course, recycle where possible. To offset the deforestation caused by the paper industry, consider swapping to Ecosia, a non-profit search engine that donates its earnings to funding reforestation efforts (they’ve already planted over 100 million trees).

Empower employees (with free advertising)

reusable coffee cup

Empower employees (with free advertising)

To cut down on single-use plastics, we recommend empowering your employees with sustainable merchandise. Tote bags, keep cups, and water bottles are a great way to increase your public visibility and worker morale. In addition, they also reduce your employees’ environmental footprint. Coffee cups in particular are notoriously difficult to recycle and are a major contributor to the global plastics crisis. 

Reduce office emissions

eco-friendly office

Reduce office emissions

Cutting down on emissions is a necessary exercise for any sustainability-focused company. Start with the design of your office: if you’re moving into a new office space, look for buildings with good insulation, minimal heat leakage, and abundant natural light. Then capitalise on the space with smart eco-friendly design. Instead of excessive downlighting, give each desk a separate light fitted with a long-life LED bulb. Insulate your space with rugs and indoor plants to reduce heat leakage. In summer, open office windows to stimulate a refreshing draft instead of running the air con unnecessarily. 

Reduce the miles

zipcar business car

Reduce the miles

Using Zipcar for Business will help reduce the number of unnecessary miles driven after your delivery has been completed, as you won’t have to return all your vehicles to the same warehouse, instead leaving them across the city. Another great way to reduce miles is to support local, environmentally conscious vendors. This will cut down on the miles driven to source your products and will in turn incentivise other vendors to become more environmentally conscious, as they look to win more business. 

Drive sustainably

driving zipcar

Drive sustainably

Outside the office, a great way to promote sustainability is to reduce the number of miles your company is responsible for. If a lot of your employees drive to work in separate vehicles, consider setting up an office carpool. Zipcar has plenty of energy-efficient and electric vehicles which can easily accommodate carpooling. For delivery, use Zipcar’s van service where possible. Its vans are located in easy-to-get-to pick-up locations. By using them instead of operating your own private fleet, you will declutter the roads and reduce congestion. 

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