woman wfh on a video call
woman wfh on a video call

Managing your team post-pandemic


With personal – and national – circumstances changing on a daily basis, looking at the way you manage your team post-pandemic and into the future is crucial. As the country transitions towards normality, your employees may still face physical and mental challenges, which may in turn affect your business. Supporting, training and reassuring them, as well as preparing for any eventuality, is essential to avoid future issues; here are some of the points to consider in a changing business landscape.

Looking after your team's mental wellbeing

mental health at work

Looking after your team's mental wellbeing

Your staff may be facing problems they never imagined facing, and communication is key. Make sure you let them know about the different helplines offering support, from MIND to the Red Cross’s Coronavirus Support Line, for professional advice on situations you may not be able to help with. Within your working environment, ensure employees are aware of your plans (and included in decision-making, where possible) and give them an opportunity to offer honest feedback without repercussions. Those who are fully or partially furloughed, meanwhile, will need to know your plan to ease them back into work, and may require flexibility owing to obligations (such as childcare). 

Remote productivity vs. office camaraderie

office working

Remote productivity vs. office camaraderie

Part of being flexible in the wake of lockdown is acknowledging the fears or costs associated with commuting, and making concessions. If your team has been productive from home, there’s no need to force a five-day week on-site immediately just because that’s how it’s always been. Businesses are changing, and there’s no reason why you can’t have motivated employees working part-time or full-time from home who still feel part of a team. Create daily or weekly catch-ups on Zoom or similar for employees to chat and bond, and consider a chat app such as Slack for everyone to keep in contact. You could also take a creative approach when a face-to-face meeting is required, for example, by selecting an outside venue where everyone can maintain a safe distance. And, if you do plan to reopen your workplace, check the latest government advice on how to make your office safe. 

Expect the unexpected

social distancing

Expect the unexpected

Social distancing measures are in place to reduce infection rates, so it’s important to consider how they’ll affect your business and adjust staffing levels accordingly – you should aim to ensure customers are getting a good service while limiting the number of face-to-face interactions for the safety of your staff. 

You could request customers wear masks while visiting your premises and divide employees into a number of teams so they only have contact with a limited number of co-workers each time they work, and asking teams to alternate the days or weeks they are on-site. In addition, draw up a contingency plan should a staff member become unwell or have to self-isolate. 

The 'new normal'

working from home

The 'new normal'

While firms could well struggle to adapt to the ‘new normal’, companies need their employees to be firing on all cylinders and to be as productive as possible, and for that to happen they need to be happy and feel supported. However you decide to move forward in managing your team, it's really important to remember that keeping an open dialogue will increase staff loyalty, improve the atmosphere and prevent high turnover rates, which will ultimately keep your business profitable.

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