The Cheese Bar

Member Spotlight - The Cheese Bar

Starting their life in the fields and markets of the UK serving the very best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, they’re now the only fully cheese-focused restaurants in London.

With a flagship restaurant in the heart of Camden Market, conveyor belt of cheese dreams in Covent Garden, New Cheese Shop, FUNK on Columbia Road & their latest upcoming opening – The Cheese Barge in Paddington Central they certainly are making a name for themselves in the London food scene! 

Find out more about how they have battled through 2020's challenges and how Zipcar has helped them be flexible. 


How has 2020 impacted your business?

Cheese sandwich

How has 2020 impacted your business?

Like many, the trials and tribulations this year has bought our team have been unmeasured. However the dedication and determination of everybody - especially those who remained un-furloughed - to keep our business afloat has been quite remarkable.

After having to shut both of our restaurants over night, cancel all festival bookings for our street food business for the summer and put a pause on the build of our new opening, we managed to (over night essentially) set up a door to door delivery service, shedding out 100's of kilos of British Cheese and many other goodies to the people of London. From this we set up DIY at Home kits for some of our most loved dishes, UK wide delivery of all things Cheese and Got Milk Fund, a charity that works alongside fair share UK to raise funds to buy surplus milk and cheese from our suppliers to prevent it going to waste and help support their teams whilst their livelihoods of supplying restaurants came to a grinding halt, and distribute this out to families across the UK who really need it.  

As if that wasn't enough, we have battled with the ever changing rules the government have thrown at us with eat out to help out, furlough, curfews, lockdowns, the list goes on. All the while managing to open our first retail space. 


How do you use Zipcar?

the cheese bar

How do you use Zipcar?

We use Zipcar for transferring stock and staff from site to site - it has gotten us out of many sticky situations, especially during lockdown, when we even used Zipcar to deliver the wonderful people of London cheese and wine! 

It has made it so much more viable to run our sites without as many of our own vehicles, which is absolutely essential when working with such small producers as we do who are only able to deliver stock to one location. Additionally, being the proud owners of The Cheese Truck - the street food side of our business, our beginnings if you will - as much as they are fantastic and we wouldn’t be without them, they are 50 years old and not at all reliable to get around, needless to say, Zipcar has saved us on more than one occasion! 

What is your favourite thing about Zipcar?


What is your favourite thing about Zipcar?

The convenience - based in central London, and running a multi-site business, running vehicles is not cost effective at all, but Zipcar relinquishes the need! 

For more information on The Cheese Bar  visit: or Instagram on @thecheesebarldn

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