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Now more than ever it’s important to support each other where we can. That’s why most of us are turning to our local communities to get our essentials and to give support to those who need it most – from vulnerable people to your local businesses. If you’re looking for ways you can give a little back, too, here’s what our team have been using to get involved. 



Local Facebook Groups

Shop local

Local Facebook Groups

Wherever you live – from London to a rural village – chances are there’ll be a Facebook group for your local area. These are great sources of community building, information sharing and place to respond to requests for support. During these times we’re using these more than ever to learn whether or not our local shops are still open, discover companies that usually supply popular restaurants that are now selling their products to us instead, and answer calls for help – from calls for cardboard boxes to hospital deliveries. 


On phone


There are also websites around that will help you find local shops still open, and restaurants doing takeaways or delivering.  No, we’re not talking about the usual Deliveroo, but sites like Neighbourgoods. They’ll show you everything from cafes to nurseries delivering in your local area, so you can get your essentials whilst supporting the independent companies that make our areas the special neighbourhoods they are. 

Who’s next door?


Who’s next door?

Another useful site is Nextdoor, where you join your local area’s notice board to hear news and take part in discussions local to you.  During this time, Nextdoor says that it has had a 15-fold rise in street or road groups being set up a testament to how useful and powerful it can be to connect us all. 

Buy now, enjoy later

Shop from home

Buy now, enjoy later

A lot of independent shops already offered – or have started to sell – gift vouchers.  It’s a great way of giving them the cash that the need right now, that you can enjoy later.  If you’ve already had a good experience with them, you could also consider giving them a great online review: another way to do something little that’ll go a long way in the long run. 

COVID-19 support groups

Covid group

COVID-19 support groups

If you’re not in self-isolation or a vulnerable person, sadly there are plenty who are. So the COVID-19 support groups are an invaluable way of getting supplies to neighbours that need them.  Groups are local to your area – even down to street level – so the best way to find your local group is by their umbrella webpage.


Join our virtual community


Join our virtual community

We can only use our car club for essential trips right now, so follow our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts to stay up to date and more. 

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