Nothing evokes memory like music
Nothing evokes memory like music

Your Self-Care Tech List


Whether you’re furloughed, working from home, or a key worker keeping the country running, during this time it’s especially important to take care of yourself.  If you’ve never practiced self-care before, we’ve compiled some of the best tech-based self-care ideas, tips and activities to help get you through lockdown life. 


The best apps to promote good mental health

The current situation we’re living in is difficult for everyone in different ways, and may have an impact on your mental health. Here are some great apps to help you clear your head, reflect and decompress from the stresses of lockdown life. 



The meditation and mindfulness app designed to fit into a busy modern lifestyle. Meditations are categorised by what you’re doing and how you’re feeling, and last from 4 to 30 minutes. 

Perhaps the best-known app when it comes to meditation and mindfulness, with guided exercises, videos and articles to help you feel better, all backed up by science. 

From calming nature sounds when you’re missing the great outdoors, to uplifting podcasts and mood-boosting party music when you need to let off some steam, Spotify has you covered. 

The best apps to help you stay active and motivated

If you’re struggling to motivate yourself right now or miss the structure that an office or 9-5 brings, we hear you. From staying fit and active to tracking goals and maintaining a routine, these apps are here to help. 


Keep motivated

Struggling to stay motivated? Try gamifying your life with Habitica. It's a productivity app that incentivises tasks with in-game rewards to keep you on track to hit your goals, whether that’s learning a new skill or getting out of bed before 2pm!

All Out Studio
With on-demand workouts from certified trainers and fitness styles backed by science, it’s time to work on those lockdown abs.

The number one app for recording and tracking outdoor workouts. Plan routes, monitor progress and get competitive with your friends. 

Instagram live workouts 
The social media giant has made viewing live videos available on desktop, so it’s easier to work out with your favourite fitness instructors.

The best apps for entertainment

Anything that can lift your mood at the moment is a winner. Whether that’s viral videos or games you can play with friends, these apps have you covered.



If you're looking for an alternative to Zoom quizzes, Kahoot will help. It allows you to host or share live quizzes on your phone or computer. Put on a trivia night or pub quiz with your mates (beers optional!). 

TikTok is a fun social media platform all about creating viral videos. If you like silliness, comedy and not taking yourself too seriously, this is just the tonic you need right now. 

If your attention span has taken a hit during lockdown, this is the app for you. Short, snackable high quality mobile-friendly content ideal for when you need a mini break. 

Tech gadgets to see you through lockdown

These smart, practical gadgets will help keep your mind and body healthy. 



With Amazon announcing that they are cutting the price of their ebooks to reflect VAT, make the most of your free time to finally get stuck into War and Peace. No? You’ll find everything from cookery books to crime thrillers too.

Office chair
If your current home office set-up leaves much to be desired, your neck, back, shoulders could suffer. Investing in a quality office chair is worth it to save the aches and pains!

Headphones with inbuilt microphone 
Finding it hard to communicate on video calls with noisy family or friends nearby? Headphones with an inbuilt mic will make it easier to hear – and be heard – from your home office. 

Let's take this online


Let's take this online

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