Woman with a make up brush
Woman with a make up brush

Side Hustle Tips and Ideas


Whether you want to make a little extra money, gain experience in a different field, or just feel like trying something new, a side hustle could be the answer. Read on to find out how to start a side hustle and learn tips and tricks to make your side business a success.




What is a side hustle?

A side hustle, also known as a side business, side gig or side job, is an additional job that a person takes on top of their day-to-day role. Some people start side hustles to supplement their income, while others do it to gain skills and experience in a different field, or to trial a new business or career path before taking the plunge outright.



How to start a side hustle

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How to start a side hustle

If you’re considering starting a side hustle, it’s easier than ever to make it happen. But before you take the plunge, here are a few things you can do to ensure it’s the right path for you.


  • Market research

Find out if your idea is a realistic side hustle first by doing some research into the job or industry.

  • Competition

Are lots of other people doing the same thing? How can your side gig be better?

  • Ask an expert

Find someone who is doing the same thing and pick their brains. Do they enjoy it? Is it working out for them?

  • Time is money

Will you have enough time to dedicate to your side gig on top of your primary job and other responsibilities?

  • Work out what you’ll need to succeed

From building a website or setting up social media to having the workshop, transportation, office space or tools, figure out what you will need to make your side hustle a success and get to work making it happen!

Side Hustle ideas

Here are some business ideas. Could you make money with one of these ventures?

Monetise you Hobby

Clay working

Monetise you Hobby

If you’re a crafty, creative type you might already have the skills you need for a side hustle. Hobbies like pottery, drawing, sewing, painting, crocheting and woodwork could all become fun side hustles with a little planning and dedication. There’s a growing trend for hand made homeware, clothing and accessories, and people are willing to pay more for something they know is completely unique.

It’s easier than ever to sell your handmade products online, whether through shopping platforms like Etsy or on social media channels like Instagram – meaning creating your own shoppable website isn’t essential (though that’s always an option!). If you don’t fancy online selling, you could relationships with local independent shops to stock your items. Get them to the shop safely and securely with a Zipcar!

Consult, coach, tutor or mentor

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Consult, coach, tutor or mentor

Got plenty of experience in your field? Chances are people will be willing to pay you for it! Becoming a consultant or a tutor for your side business means you’ll be helping others get ahead in their chosen career and putting your wisdom to good use. Consulting is easy to fit in around your full-time job, especially since virtual meetings have become the norm. A few hours in the evening coaching others can be a fulfilling and profitable side hustle.


Car boot sale


Love a rummage at a car boot saleflea market or charity shop? If you’ve mastered the art of discovering designer pieces, vintage clothing, and desirable knick-knacks, this could be just the side hustle for you. Resellers can make an impressive mark up on second-hand bargains. Websites like depop and eBay make it quick and easy to list and sell your finds. For some resellers, it’s a full-time job! Need a set of wheels to get to the best out of town stockists? Hire a Zipcar to get you there.


Man with a camera


Many amateur photographers consider turning their lens to professional work. There are plenty of ways to make money from photography, whether it’s taking photos at events like weddings and christenings, professional shoots with aspiring models, or selling your favourite arty shots online. It’s a good idea to build up a portfolio of work by offering your services at a reduced rate to people you’re friendly with at first. Then you can begin to up the price once you’ve built up your experience and confidence.

Side hustle tips

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Side hustle tips

  • Find the right side-hustle for you

Your side hustle needs to fit in to your lifestyle and work for you. If it isn’t working there’s no shame in calling quits and trying something else.

  • Understand your reasons for starting a side hustle

Whether its to earn more money or learn new skills, don’t lose sight of your goals.

  • Start small and build up gradually

Overstretching yourself will only lead to burnout. It’s a steep learning curve so take it slow until you’ve gained experience and confidence.

  • Market yourself!

Set up social media profiles, tell all your friends, hand out business cards – whatever it takes to build your business and gain new customers.

  • Make time for other things

It’s all to easy to let your side hustle take over your life, but making time for friends and family and relaxing is important.

  • Don’t undersell yourself

Know your worth from day one and don’t settle for less. Underselling your side hustle will mean you have to work even harder to make money.

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